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General Training Programs

General Training Programs In Gurgaon

  1. Exercise physiology: A beginner course to understand the physiology of exercise. What are the basic changes that occur in our body right from when we start exercising to the end of the hour.
  2. Gym machines workout: You learn the names of various gym equipment, gym workouts and the mechanics of working out with such gym machines. You also learn which particular areas of your body and what muscles are trained by what gym machines.
  3. Equipment workout: Apart from gym machinery there are other gym and workout equipment available [ Kettlebell workout, Resistance bands, Plyometrics, medicine ball, sand ball, physio ball, Bosu ball, TRX workout, which are used to train different muscles according to different fitness goals and targets.
  4. Home workout with & without equipment: In these difficult times of pandemic, when we cannot step out of our homes, we solely rely on home workouts and bodyweight exercises. You learn numerous exercises which can help you with home workouts and your clients who want to exercise at home.
  5. Healthy meal cooking demonstrations & recipe Knowing is not enough when you want to change lives. You should know how to help people with their problems and come up with a solution for them and at last being able to explain them and demonstrate them how to proceed further. You will learn how to cook their meals without losing the taste of the meal and nutritional value of their food.
  6. Interview preparation: People often find it difficult to express themselves and lack the art of presenting their knowledge and skills when it comes to work. Also for client sales and business strategies, you should know how to serve your dish the best.
  7.  Subscription for workshops & practical classes only. We have practical sessions for the students who join us for the certification preparation of ACE and different workshops which you are welcome to join and learn to upgrade your skills.
  8. Specialized dynamic and explosive training We train athletes in all kinds of sports drills to increase power, strength and endurance, agility, speed, reaction time and help them to bring out their ultimate performance in whichever sports they want to excel.

Why Choose Reps N Sets Fitness in Gurgaon

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    Unlimited Library Access- Well Equipped Library with Best Publications available in the market.
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    Flexible Class Scheduling.
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    Reading Comprehension with better fluency and confidence.
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    Series of Mock Test to Evaluate Performance.
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    Special Time Bound Practice Tests and Quizzes.
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    Personalized Attention to Each Student.
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    Professional Assistance in Registration for Examination.
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    Unlimited Doubt Clearing Sessions.
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    Diverse Study Material & Complementary Text Books and CDs.

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